Harkness | Wall
Creative Team | Sydney Australia


If we could describe
ourselves in one word:

Rule Breakers.


Phillip Harkness

I've designed shoes. I taught design at Billy Blue. I've spoken at the MCA for Vivid. I played in a band. I went to COFA. I designed some tees for Ewan McGregor. I sunk a friend's speed-boat. I lost all my clothes save for a bedsheet during Octoberfest and I still don't know what happened. I for Mambo for just over 4 years. I started my own business. I lectured at Billy Blue. I was the first loser at AWARD school (#2). I started advertising. I'm at Saatchi & Saatchi. 

Jack Wall

I did an Arts degree. I wrote essays on everything from the intrinsic moral value of happiness to representations of male rape in the Alien films. I worked in a post office and memorised 1500 names and their corresponding PO box numbers. I watched every episode of The West Wing (twice). I also went to Octoberfest - a girl spewed on my shoes. I own 1.2% of a soft drink company that makes the best ginger beer you've ever had in your life. I play golf badly. I did AWARD with Phil and clapped lamely from the back of the room as he received his certificate.